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Abstract Class vs Interface in php

In this article along with the demo project I will discuss Abstract class vs Interface in php. The concept of Abstract classes and Interfaces is a bit confusing for beginners of Object Oriented programming. Therefore, I am trying to discuss the theoretical aspects of both the concepts and compare their usage. And finally I will demonstrate how to use them ... Read More »

Pagination in codeigniter

I’ve often see forum posts asking why the Pagination class isn’t working. I decided to create a tutorial on the Pagination class for those who need to learn about the pagination class. Let’s now start with the pagination tutorial. This tutorial assumes that you have connected your CodeIgniter application to the database. First, we need to create a table. CREATE ... Read More »

Removing index.php from the url in codeigniter

I also tried to find out many of the exact way to remove the index.php from the url but did not get much help. Then after lots of hits and try I made the .htacess that is working for me. So I wanted to share this with you all. My framework is in the folder abc. The .htaccess RewriteEngine on ... Read More »

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