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get dpi of image in php

To get DPI of image in PHP, you can use the following code <?php function get_dpi($filename){ // open the file and read first 20 bytes. $a = fopen($filename,’r’); $string = fread($a,20); fclose($a); // get the value of byte 14th up to 18th $data = bin2hex(substr($string,14,4)); $x = substr($data,0,4); $y = substr($data,4,4); return array(hexdec($x),hexdec($y)); } // sample, output the result: print_r(get_dpi(‘demo_files/abc.png’)); ... Read More »

Image manipulation class in php

/* Image Manipulation class in php */ class ImageManipulation { /** * An array to hold the settings for the image. Default values for * images are set here. * * @var array */ public $image = array('targetx'=>0, 'targety'=>0, 'quality'=>75); /** * A boolean value to detect if an image has not been created. This * can be used to ... Read More »

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