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cakephp include javascript file in view

You probably know that if you have $scripts_for_layout in your site’s layout, then you can do a Cakephp include javascript file in view. For example, if you’d like to include ‘myScript.js’ from some view you would add the following code: $javascript->link(‘myScript’, false);

Basically the second param (false), will tell CakePHP not to include the file in-line, but rather where the $scripts_for_layout is located.

A less known feature is that you can do the same for your CSS files. So, if you need to include some style that is specific to a given view, add something like this to your view file:

$html->css(‘myViewCss’, ‘stylesheet’, array(“media”=>”all” ), false);

Again, you simply need to specify a ‘false’ parameter. This will tell CakePHP to include the CSS file where the $scripts_for_layout variable is located (which should be in the ).

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