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Query Caching in MySql

In some installations of MySQL, the query caching in MySql is disabled by default so you will have to do a little configuration to set things up. The way to check is to log into MySQL and issue the following command: mysql> show variables like ‘query%’; +——————————+———+ | Variable_name                | Value   | +——————————+———+ | query_alloc_block_size       | 8192    | | query_cache_limit            ... Read More »

Convert pdf to png ImageMagick

Convert pdf to png imagemagick can be done as convert input.pdf output.png Or if you have PHP5 and the ImageMagik library… $image = new Imagick(‘input.pdf[pagenumber]’); $image->setResolution( 300, 300 ); $image->setImageFormat( “png” ); $image->writeImage(‘output.png’); Read More »

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