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This section will have informative and help post related to php

url rewriting using htaccess

Below are few example for url rewriting using htaccess. Rewriting product.php?id=12 to product-12.html It is a simple redirection in which .php extension is hidden from the browser’s address bar and dynamic url (containing “?” character) is converted into a static URL. RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^product-([0-9]+).html$ product.php?id=$1 Rewriting product.php?id=12 to product/ipod-nano/12.html SEO expert always suggest to display the main keyword in ... Read More »

Develop multilingual website in php

I’ve been working to develop multilingual website in php that grabs data from Hebrew news sites into a mySQL database. While working on this mini-project I’ve realized that there is hardly any online tutorials on using the Hebrew font. Here’s my solution which is fairly simple and works effectively. Step 1) Set the HTML page charset encoding to utf8: meta ... Read More »

Interface in Php

An Interface is like a template similar to abstract class with a difference where it uses only abstract methods. In simple words, an interface is like a class using interface keyword and contains only function declarations(function with no body). An Interface should be implemented in the class and all the methods or functions should be overwridden in this class. for ... Read More »

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