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realex payment gateway integration

Here is the realex payment gateway integration code using PHP.

$timestamp = strftime(“%Y%m%d%H%M%S”);
$topay = ‘5’;
$merchantid = “mytalentplace”;//here grant crows realex merchent id should come
$secret = "wXcHmZ9yec";

$orderid= $timestamp.'-'.$_SESSION['ord_id'];

$amount =$_POST['amt']*100;


$curr= "USD";

} elseif($_REQUEST['currency']=="euro"){

$curr= "EUR";

}else {

$curr= "GBP";


$tmp = "$timestamp.$merchantid.$orderid.$amount.$curr";
//$tmp = "$timestamp.$merchantid.$orderid";

$md5hash = sha1($tmp);

$tmp = "$md5hash.$secret";

$md5hash = sha1($tmp);

$up="UPDATE mtp_user_payment` SET order_id='”.$lid.”‘ where user_payment_id='”.$lid.”‘”;

for live
for test


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