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A highly motivated and experienced developer in php, with excellent knowledge of different phases of SDLC, project management techniques, understanding client requirements, project time  estimation, module breakup and also able to give timely and accurate advice, guidance, support and training to team members and individuals. Possessing excellent management skills and having the ability to work with the minimum of supervision whilst leading a team of six or more. Having a proven ability to lead by example, consistently hit targets, improvises best practices and organizes time efficiently.

Now looking forward to a making a significant contribution as a team leader with a progressive web development or software development company with a strong focus on creativity and problem solving and it should also be challenging, rewarding and provides an opportunity to expand my knowledge and abilities in creating client centric solutions.


More than 9+ years of experience in software development in PHP. Created real-time web applications, complex back-end management systems including content management, e-commerce, and customer relations. The projects based on PHP in conjunction with various other web development technologies. PHP (pure PHP, PHP with OOP, PHP with frameworks, MySQL, JavaScript (generic JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX), XHTML / HTML, CSS, XML and SVN are used.


  •  More than 9 years of development experience on LAMP technology.
  •  Working in Q3 Technologies from Aug 2011 till date as Sr. Software Developer.
  •  Worked in Keyideas Infotech from Jan 2011 to Aug 2011 as Team Lead.
  •  Worked in Elixir Web Solutions from Sept 2009 to Jan 2011 as Sr. Software Developer.
  •  Worked in Itchimes Pvt Ltd from Dec 2008 to Sept 2009 as Sr. Software Developer.
  •  Worked in Citrus Techlabs from 17 March 2008 to Nov 2008 as Sr. Software Developer.
  •  Worked in Litmus Softwares, from 21 June 2006 to 15 March 2008 as a Software Developer.
  •  Worked in Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL), GK-2, New Delhi from 22 of March 2005 to 31  May 2006 as a software developer.


Some remarkable websites developed during my development years are:

  • http://www.liquidationchannel.com/
    Liquidation channel is one of the top ranking auction website in USA and Canada. There is very huge traffic on the website and on an average 8 bids are placed every seconds. We are using master-slave replication at database level and load balancer is user for webservers. There are many third party tools used in the website to boost sales. We are relying on web services to fetch certain data in the website. We are using PayPal as the PG and also using BML.

    • Front end :- PHP5, JavaScript, JQuery, Templating
    • Back end :- Mysql5, Master-slave replication
  •  http://www.centralstationary.com
    Central stationary is a stationary selling website. In this website, user can configure or design his/her own greeting card. User can put text as well as image on this card in predefined section created by admin. There is a jquery editor to facilitate the user to write on card. User can write on the card in any font he want, as provided by the admin. Apart from this the site also as gift coupon options/discount option for users. Your can make payment through paypal.

    • Front end :- PHP 5 and Apache, Javascript, Ajax, FFMPEG,Jquery
    • Back end :- Mysql 5
  •  http://www.auditionforfame.com/
    Audition for fame provides a platform for artists and talent seeker to interact with each other. There are three levels of user and upon their user type they can different amount of videos and photos they can upload. User can upload video and they are converted into .flv format using FFMPEG.  A user can comment on the videos of a particular user. In the admin part, the site CMS is being managed and admin can manage every section of the user. Admin can create users from backend. The admin can manage many sections of the front end like site meta tags, can upload home videos, categories, pages,
    can sent news letter, user account management.

    • Front end :- PHP 5 and Apache, Javascript, Ajax, FFMPEG
    • Back end :- Mysql5
  •  http://www.jobsfornurse.be
    Jobs for nurse is a multi-lingual job portal. This website has two types of user, job seeker and employer. This site deals with basically medical related. Like any other website, user can upload his/her CV, can create job searches, alerts, newsletters, and can bookmark favorate jobs, can view job list. The employer can post new jobs, can view olds jobs, can change the listing of the jobs, can search cv of the jobs seekers, can buy credits to post a job, can save the search results.

    • Front end :- PHP 5 and Apache, Javascript, Ajax
    • Back end :- Mysql 5
  •  http://www.cashurwheels.com/
    Cashurwheels id is a bidding site.  It has three stage holders advertiser, car owner, wrapper. Like any typical bidding site, here too advertiser can place a bid for car owner and wrappers. They can place their bid and the lowest bidder will win. When a user places a lower bid then all the other user that are bidding on the advertisement will be intimated by mail that a user had placed a bid lower than them. Advertiser can also repost an old bid but admin moderation is required for the bid to show on website. All three users can search one another and can directly contact them, and upon the approval of the user being contacted, the user willing to contact will be able to see his/her contact detail. The user (car owner, wrapper) can search bids and bookmark then, can create alerts, view there bidding detail and bidding log. There is blogging from wordpress too. Admin can manage user (advertiser, car owner, wrapper), bids, site CMS, Categories, Ads.

    • Front end :- PHP and Apache, Javascript,Ajax,Wordpress
    • Back end :- Mysql
  • http://www.socialsynapse.com
    Socialsynapse is a social networking website. In this website user can add create their profile and can add photo as well as video albums. User can also add groups and can create there own groups. User can also create groups associated with their college campus. User can post comments and counter comments in any group.

    • Front end :- PHP and Apache, Javascript, Ajax
    • Back end :- Mysql
  • http://www.keyideasglobal.com/momsey/
    Momsey website have two entities namely caregivers and caretakers. Caregivers are those usesr who will search for job and are willing to work as nannies or babysitters. The jobs are posted by caretakers and these are those users who are willing to hire caregivers. Caregivers can search for caretakers and can contact then if there are premium users. If they are not premium users then the user can’t see details filled by caretakers. Same case is with caretakers. Job search , internal mailing , longitude and latitude based radius search , payment gateway are few features that are there in this site apart from standard procedures.

    • Front End -: PHP5, Cakephp , Jquery ,
    • Back End -: Mysql5
    • Payment Gateway: Paypal.
  • http://www.keyideasglobal.com/mottoyou
    Mottoyou is again social networking based portal. This portal has all functionality of a typical community portal like creating groups, making friends, internal messaging, video and photo upload ,upload CV as well, users can create tributes for their region or country etc. PayPal is uses as payment gateway.

    • Front End -: PHP5, Cakephp , Jquery
    • Back End -: Mysql
    • Payment Gateway: Paypal.
  • http://www.keyideasglobal.com/corestyleq
    This is a B2B site. In this site there are two types of users, one is celebrity and other is designer. Celebrity picks many designer clothes for an event and when celebrity wears that cloth for that event then that designer will start production of this dress. There is no cost associated for picking any dress. Like it option is also there for celebrity means celebrity can add any dress to like it for further use. Searching functionality and my account and checkout option is there, but without payment.

    • Front End -: PHP5,  Jquery
    • Back End -: Mysql
  • http://emptyexpress.com
    In this site user can sell their old printer cartridge to the owner of this website. Based on type and amount of cartridge the price is decided. After filling form containing cartridge detail user can request label from admin. Admin will send a courier label to user and user can send cartridge packed and label pasted on it. The amount that user has sent cartridge is send via check.

    • Front End -: PHP5,  Jquery
    • Back End -: Mysql
  • Tour and travels site
    There are two sites in this domain, http://atlanta-travels.in/ and http://club9.in/. In this website there are holiday packages, hotels search, and user can book any package and hotel. User has also has the facility to book air ticket , cars etc. The admin part controls the packages and the hotel management apart from the CMS of the site.

    • Front end :- PHP and Apache, Javascript
    • Back end :- Mysql
  • http://kalaraco.glypt.com/
    This is a real state site made in open realty. This site has six different categories in which land/houses are being sold. And this site also has the search facility that displays the result according to the search criteria.

    • Front end :- PHP 5 and Apache, Javascript
    • Back end :- Mysql5
  • http://www.siamtranslate.com/
    This site is developed on joomla. This site has blogs facility by yvcomment,  joomfish  for multi lingual support, share this module by jbookmarks.

    • Front end :- PHP 5 and Apache, Javascript.
    • Back end :- Mysql5
  • http://www.uniconnectlive.com
    This is a portal providing a platform for student, universities and career counselor to interact with each other. In this portal student can search for various universities (India, Europe, Canada, Australia etc.) and there courses and can shortlist universities and send mails to universities and counselors and even applay for particular courses. Here in this portal there is also an option for jobs for the students.

    • Front end :- PHP and Apache, Javascript
    • Back end :- Mysql5
  • http://www.yretire.com/login/index.php
    This is a portal providing consultancy to the needy. In this site the consultants and seeker can get registered and can provide consultancy. Consultancy can be provided by the consultants to the seeker by the inbuilt chat feature.

    • Front end :- PHP and Apache, Javascript
    • Back end :- Mysql5
  • www.citrustechlabs.com
    This site is of the company. This contain contains the basic detail of the company and its project and clients detail.

    • Front end :- PHP and Apache, Javascript
    • Back end :- Mysql5
  • www.citrused.com
    This site is of the sister concern of the company. This deal with information about the company and courses in educational sector and education consultancies, too. This site provides information about various courses at various level in various countries and the respective information.

    • Front end :- PHP and Apache, Javascript
    • Back end :- Mysql5
  • http://www.citrus-aviation.com/
    This site is of the sister concern of the Citrus Company. This deals with information about the company and pilot training courses and institutes offering such courses.

    • Front end :- PHP and Apache, Javascript
    • Back end :- Mysql5
  • www.cogent-bpo.com
    A project status & time management website for financial BPO, maintaining high level of security & instant reporting system.

    • Front end :- PHP and Apache, Javascript
    • Back end :- Mysql5
  • www.aplusmedispa.com
    Aplusmedispa is a website developed for the Ashoka Groups Of Hotels. This website details about various treatments of spa that the client offers. There benefits and there advantages. This site has a newsletter sections and a FAQ section along with various other necessities.

    • Front end :- PHP and Apache, Javascript
    • Back end :- Mysql5
  • www.aces.ms
    An educational portal having facility of online evaluation of candidate along with instant marking & admission system using interactive control panel for site administration & maintenance.

    • Front end :- PHP and Apache, Javascript
    • Back end :- Mysql5
  • www.kwpublishers.com
    An online shopping cart for purchasing books developed on MVC modeling concept and payment gateway having fully automated website administration system.

    • Front end :- ASP, Javascript
    • Back end :- Sql
  • www.sghosh.com
    A website for an architecture firm. In this site the firm can display there new project, deadlines and seminar details along with other various information.

    • Front end :- ASP, Javascript
    • Back end :- Sql
  • Crew Management System: The main objective behind developing this software is to develop a web based centralized accessing software that will reduce the unnecessary effort and time spended in trying  to manage the data about locomotives, drivers, assistant drivers and there respective home station and present station.

    • Front End: PHP and Apache
    • Back End:  MySql
    • My role: I am individually handling this project.
    • Client: Indian Railways.
  • Cable Cut Management Software: This software was meant to trace cable cuts and connection related problems like FDD (Frequent disconnections), Error 635 etc.

    • Front End: PHP and Apache
    • Back end: Mysql
    • My Role: I am in a team and am taking care of the designing and coding for the software for the Delhi region.
  • Kit Management Software: This software take cares about the welcome kit that is used for new internet connection. The management involves the record of kit details like kit no, issuing authority, FE name, Dslam Name etc.

    • Front End: PHP and Apache
    • Back end: Mysql
    • My Role: I am in a team and am taking care of the designing and coding for the software for the Delhi office.
  • Installation Management Software: This software manages the information like  the installations that has been done ,the Fe who installed that connection, the DSLAM port used for the connection, the DSLAM that provided the connection, the connection date etc..This software also provides the kits details like registration and renewal kit information.

    • Front End: PHP and Apache
    • Back end: Mysql
    • My Role: I individually handled this project. I did all System Study, Coding, and Designing
  • Implementation of Apriori Algorithm of Associative Rule mining: Associative Rule mining is a part of Data mining. This project mines knowledge from the provided database. Association rule finds interesting correlation and association relationship from a large set of database. This project can help retailers and business heads in developing marketing strategies by gaining insight into which items are frequently purchased in correlation by customers.

    • Front End: C Language (Turbo C Compiler)
    • Back End: C inbuilt Database.
    • My Role: I individually handled this project. I did all System Study, Coding, and Designing



Odesk Certified PHP4, PHP5 and MYSQL Developer

Microsoft Certified Professional in C#.Net (C-sharp net) in 2005.

MCA (‘B’ Level) from DOEACC

Completed PGDCA (‘A’ Level) from DOEACC

Completed B.Sc Chemistry (H) from C.M.Sc College, L.N.Mithila University, Darbhanga (Bihar) in 2000.

Completed Intermediate of Science from C.M.Sc College, L.N.Mithila University, Darbhange (Bihar) under BIEC in 1996.

Completed 10th from M.L.Academy, Darbhanga (Bihar), under BSEB in 1994


Reading, learning new computer languages, playing strategic PC games, learning about new technologies.


Programming Languages/Technologies

  • PHP (5 and 4). Pure PHP and PHP with OOP
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • SQL, MySQL
  • ORM
  • CSS
  • MVC (Model View Controller)
  • SVN


  • Cakephp
  • CodeIgnitor

JavaScript Libraries / Frameworks

  • jQuery, jQuery UI
  • Prototype
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