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Install oauth wampserver


To install Oauth on wampserver, please follow undermentioned steps: Ok I’m admittedly new to this Oauth business but I’m trying to build an app that uses it. I searched around and it looks like the easiest way to get Oauth installed on a windows machine is to get a precompiled dll from here. (ctrl-f and search for ‘oauth’, choose the ... Read More »

UML interview questions and answers

UML interview questions and answers are as follows: What is UML? UML is Unified Modeling Language. It is a graphical language for visualizing specifying constructing and documenting the artifacts of the system. It allows you to create a blue print of all the aspects of the system, before actually physically implementing the system. What is modeling? What are the advantages ... Read More »

OOPS interview qestions in PHP

There are few OOPS based questions that are frequently asked in interviews. So, here are few OOPS interview questions in PHP. Abstraction vs. Encapsulation encapsulation is wrapping up of a data into single unit and abstraction is hiding unnecessary background¬† details and representing only important and essential detail Encapsulation protects abstractions. Encapsulation is the bodyguard; abstraction is the VIP. Encapsulation ... Read More »

Access model from controller


Sometimes, or very rarely we might need to access model from controller or AppController (Application Controller). This could be for fetching values from a table and make it available for all the controllers in the application (AppController is inherited by all the other controllers). Also, often we need to access models that are not associated with a controller. I faced ... Read More »

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